RCVYS Safeguarding Children Self-Assessment Tool

1The RCVYS Safeguarding Children Self-Assessment Tool is designed to be help organisations to consider where they are on their safeguarding ‘journey’.

The government has produced a guidance document entitled ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’, which accompanies Section 11 of the Children Act 2004. Together, these provide the standards about what ‘Good’ looks like when considering how an organisation safeguards children. These sections and statements are taken from these documents.

3This Self-Assessment Tool has been adapted from the Berkshire LSCBs (Local Safeguarding Children Boards) Section 11 Audit Tool, and incorporates a number of links to safeguarding resources produced by Safe Network and other local resources. Safe Network was a collaboration between the NSPCC and Children England. RCVYS has been a Local Ambassador for Safe Network.

2This Self-Assessment Tool is made up of 8 worksheets within an Excel document, and each worksheet focuses on a different standard and outlines the requirements to be achieved.

These are:

  1. Senior management commitment to the importance of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare
  2. A clear statement of the agency’s responsibility towards children is available to all staff
  3. A clear line of accountability within the organisation for work on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
  4. Service development takes account of the need to safeguard and promote welfare and is informed by the views of children and families
  5. Staff training on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children for all staff working with or in contact with children & families
  6. Recruitment, vetting procedures and allegations against staff
  7. Inter-agency working
  8. Information sharing

4The Self-Assessment Tool also includes Advice sections and links to online resources which might be of assistance (internet connection required).

A full set of instructions are included in the document for those who want to complete this on their own. However, RCVYS Development Workers are happy to work with organisations to help organisations work through this self-assessment, and to develop an Action Plan.

You can download the documents from here: