Parenting Special Children – Sleep Service

Parenting Special ChildrenThrough the RCVYS Training Bursary, RCVYS has supported Parenting Special Children by part funding the costs of training to members of staff to becoming qualified Sleep Practitioners. From this training, Parenting Special Children set up a dedicated Sleep Service. This case study highlights how this Sleep Service has helped one particular family.


The family has two children.  Child 1 has a diagnosis of ASD and Child 2 is awaiting assessment for ASD.

Child 1 wasn’t settling until at least 10pm each night which included constantly coming out of his bedroom, he was also waking in the night, sometimes with night terrors.  Child 2 was presenting with settling difficulties, resulting in parent staying with child until he went to sleep.

At the Sleep Workshop the parents’ sleep plan involved putting child 1 to bed later but reducing bedtime by 15 mins until a more suitable bedtime was achieved.  Child 2′s plan was to help him to self settle and not rely upon parents.

The parents  implemented a structured routine which included no TV after school, more exercise after school and a quiet time an hour before bed.

Feedback four weeks after the workshop was very positive.  Child 1 is going to bed earlier, staying in his room and is now waking himself up in the morning – rather than being woken by parent; child is less tired during the day and parents are less stressed.  Parents are continuing to implement sleep plan for child 2 as the hot weather and school holidays were causing more difficulties.

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