Gap Education and Training

The Executive Director said that RCVYS has helped to establGap Educationish and improve their outcomes through:

  • A helpful level of dialogue around local priorities, local opportunities and potential partnerships, exploring the opportunities for Payment By Results in any future Troubled Families environment, either in Reading, or outside of Reading.
  • Enabling him to think more broadly about outcomes for the whole family perspective, not just from an educational perspective. These wider outcomes have helped to build a stronger foundations for the educational outcomes achieved.

Some selected outcomes:

  • The pupils’ attendance and punctuality have improved at school. In the previous academic year her attendance was 90%. So far this academic year (after 2 terms) it has risen to 97%, with the majority of improvement coming since the start of the January.
  • School have reported a big positive change in the pupil’s attitude to school, especially in what was her weakest area: Maths. Their data shows that she has made 19 months progress with Maths in the Autumn and Spring Terms of the current academic year. The school have said:

“There has been such a huge improvement, especially with Maths since she started the A+ programme and it’s mainly been due to her new-found willingness to have a go and the boost in her confidence and self-esteem.”

  • The school have also reported much more confidence and engagement with the parent. The parent herself has described the impact on their lives as follows:

“The atmosphere in the house is much less stressful, especially in the morning. I’ve really benefitted from the programme and both my children are now doing really well in school.”


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