Reading Children’s & Voluntary Youth Services was formed in January 2002 as an independent networking organisation to promote and support the work of all voluntary, community and faith organisations that work with children and young people across the wider Reading area.

Our aims

  • Identify needs in the local community and facilitate improvement in service provision to meet those needs.
  • Assist local voluntary and community organisations to function more effectively and deliver quality services to the local community.
  • Facilitate effective communication and networking between local community groups.
  • Enable the views of the local voluntary and community sector to be represented in partnership groups and promote effective working relationships & two-way communication.
  • Enhance the voluntary and community sector’s role as an integral part of local planning and policy-making.

Our values

Inclusive membership
Membership is open to all VCF sector organisations that comply with our simple and transparent membership criteria.

Collective voice
RCVYS provides the VCF sector with a strong voice through regular interaction with its members.

Accountable representation
Our representatives endeavour to reflect the variety of views of its members, and is accountable to its members in the way that it represents them.

Personal advice
Through our development worker, RCVYS is committed to providing VCF sector organisations with advice that is personal and relevant to individual organisations, whether they are small and newly launched, or large and established.

Positive support
RCVYS aims to support all its members in a useful and positive way, through a variety of means.

Recognising independence
The independence of VCF sector organisations is key, and we recognise that groups have the choice to make their own decisions in how they operate and interact with other agencies.

Open exchange
We seek to provide a forum and space for groups to network, exchange ideas, and openly raise issues of concern to themselves and the wider sector.

We achieve our aims through a variety of methods

  • RCVYS is an integral part of Reading Children’s Trust, with elected representatives sitting on many of the committees. This puts us at the very centre of the strategic decision making process.
  • Through our development worker, we actively support a wide variety of Voluntary, Community and Faith organisations with personalised, practical support, advice and information on a whole range of issues, including funding, training and good practice.
  • We communicate information between the statutory and voluntary sectors, as well as using its mailing list to keep member organisations up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • As part of our commitment to developing personal relationships with members, RCVYS holds regular members meetings throughout the year to share, discuss and debate the latest developments.
  • RCVYS is a constituted community organisation. A copy of the constitution is available below.