ABC to read – 2014 Annual School Survey

ABC to ReadABC to read recently carried out their annual school survey which asks all participating schools to provide them with feedback on how they feel the children have benefitted and improved from the support of their ABC to read volunteers. Please find below the impressive results of this survey, along with some comments from staff at the schools:

  • 97% of the children improved in their attitude to reading – of this figure 45% improved significantly and 8% made an outstanding improvement.
  • 97% of the children improved in reading performance – of this figure 55% improved significantly and 7% made an outstanding improvement.
  • 97% of children’s confidence in reading improved – of this figure 62%improved significantly and 7% made an outstanding improvement.
  • 99% of children’s general self-confidence and self-esteem increased including 61% significantly and 4% who made an outstanding improvement.
  • 99% of children’s overall achievement was raised including 57% significantly and 7% who made an outstanding improvement.

Some examples of feedback from the teachers:

  • “He was engaged and looked forward to the sessions each week. His work one to one was of a higher standard than when in a class setting and there was good improvement with his understanding.”
  • “The volunteer is an amazing support. Really making a difference to the least able in the class. Children’s progress is significantly enhanced by her fun and caring approach.”
  • “The volunteer reader was very good at providing me with feedback which was very useful and helpful. The child made good progress with his reading which was definitely a result of the ABC reader scheme. Extremely satisfied – both his attitude and confidence has improved.”
  • “These reading sessions have provided her with the opportunity to see that reading can be fun. The ABC to read support in school is such an amazing resource. The kids love to go out and have 1:1 time as it is so valuable to them. Our volunteer is also very aware of the children’s needs and they feel really special when they are with her.”
  • “Our volunteer worked really hard to encourage this boy to come out of his shell. As a result he more confidently approached his writing and was more open to contributing in class discussions. Our volunteer is fantastic at motivating our children.”
  • “This child made 2 years accelerated progress in months when assessed. This has increased his self-esteem and confidence. A very positive role model.”
  • “We greatly value the support from ABC and see it as a valuable part of our provision for pupil premium children. It really does boost confidence and allows us extra time to develop their comprehension skills.”

Some examples of feedback from the children:

  • “I really looked forward to my reading sessions – she made me feel like I was really good at reading – it made me happy.”
  • “I play fun games and the teacher is great at getting me to understand what I am reading by helping me to repeat and split the word in half.”
  • “The session was nice and quiet and I was able to read good books. The child loves having time on his own away from class and loves the reading.”
  • “I always enjoy the one on one session and I love spending time with the volunteer.”
  • “I really enjoyed playing the games at end of the session and spending time on my own with the volunteer.”
  • “I love going to visit my volunteer reader and especially if we play games as well.”
  • “I love the reading and especially when we play scrabble word game. I feel more confident now.”
  • “You make reading really good fun as you choose great books which are interesting and fun to read.”
  • “The best part of my reading session was playing games about spellings. She made it so much fun. I would recommend the ABC reading to other children – it has been great!”

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